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United States Army Aviation
Fixed Wing Collection

Note - Aircraft listed in
RED BOLD FACE are currently on display in our public viewing galleries. Every effort is made to ensure that this list is accurate; however, for routine maintenance purposes, the Museum retains the right to add or withdrawal display aircraft at any time.

28C-1 17-6531 Nieuport na
AOP-9 XP-277 Auster Craft LTD Auster
AP-2E 61-31485 Lockheed Neptune
BE-2C 1780 Royal Aircraft Factory na
Bleriot NSN Beleriot Bleriot XIII
C-12C 73-22250 Beech Huron
DO-27 DO27-B-361 Donier na
F-51D 44-72990 North American Mustang
F.1 NSN Sopwith Camel (replica)
J-3 40-0003 Piper Cub
JN-4D 18-2780 Curtiss Jenny
JU-21H 70-15888 Beech Ute
L-13A 46-159 Convair na
L-16A 47-924 Aeronica Champ
L-17A 47-1344 North American Navion
L-17B 48-1046 Ryan Navion
L-18C 52-2536 Piper Super Cub 95
L-19 na Cessna Bird Dog
L-19A 50-1327 Cessna Bird Dog
L-19A 51-4943 Cessna Bird Dog
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